Sandd vervangt als sponsor bij Brentjens MTB team

Sandd vervangt als sponsor bij Brentjens MTB team

Welcome Sandd !


All good things come to an end!

After 2 years of great partnership with as one of our ‘name and main’ sponsors, we want to thank for all the great opportunities the sponsorship and collaborations gave us!

We wish the company the best for the future!


Every end is a new beginning!

As every end is a new beginning we are happy and proud to welcome Sandd as our new sponsor of the Team #Destination Rio2016.


Bart Brentjens, Teammanager & World’s 1st Olympic Champion XCO 1996:

“Ronald van de Laar was ‘name and main sponsor’ of our Team with the company for 2 great years. Because of this sponsorship we could make a big step forwards with the Team.  Ronald is a very visionary businessman and believes in great possibilities working with the Team together in the Olympic year 2016 with the company Sandd.

Because of this collaboration, we will have the chance to realize our ambitions and to keep on growing in maturity. Sandd is a perfect sponsor for us, with a great philosophy. It fits well!

The nice thing is, looking to our riders and the Sandd postmen, there are an extremely bunch of crossing points and similarities! This fact will motivate and inspirate a lot in both directions. For sure we will use those motivational aspects in the Team, as in the Sandd company”.


Ronald van de Laar, CEO Sandd:

“I am really happy to stay connected to Team Brentjens in 2016 and to support Bart and the Team with further grow and the next steps to take.

In this Olympic year, we will continue the collaboration with the Team.

This year it is exactly 20 years ago Bart was writing history and winning the first Olympic Golden Mountainbike Medal ever in Atlanta USA.

And now Bart will join with his athletes at the Olympic Games in Rio.

Sandd is proud to support the Team and Bart on their #Destination Rio 2016.

We see lots of possibilities with this sponsorship. An important one is that sport, in this case the sport of mountainbike, became an important part of our culture and more and more you see and recognize the importancy of sport in business.  Being active and being healthy is important, outdoor sport is a great way to work on it and to stay healthy, focused and motivated. Part of the sponsorship will also be the development of a safety program for our thousands of employees who deliver post by bike.

Our business relations and our employees are really motivated and enthusiastic to learn more about mountainbiking and cycling from Bart and his team. It is great to see how Bart and his Team are going in the right direction and growing to one of the best UCI Mountainbike Teams of the World. It is motivating and inspiring. Especially if it is about all the steps you have to take towards the Olympics!

We love to support Bart and his team #DirectionRio2016 !”


Photos: Sandd postman is bringing Bart Brentjens the good news.

Ronald van der Laar celebrating the collaboration in

the Olympic Stadion Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Bron :PM