Jessica Lambracht 19 th at the WC Koksijde

Jessica Lambracht 19 th at the WC Koksijde

The German female rider from the Stevens CX team became 19 th at the first WC race she drove this weekend at Koksijde. A copple of weeks ago at the European championships she was already in good condition and 2 weeks later she even got better at Koksijde.

Jessica had a good recon at the course and felt really good before the start , with some good riding on the rollers to get some warm and course ready legs her start wasn’t that good but she improved quickly in the race , lap after lap she became closer to the top 10 and she had some nice laps after her.

Powering her way with the nice style off riding to the muddy sections of the course that was very hard to ride , sticky grass area’s and muddy sand that is not a success for a clean bike. In the sections with the Dune sand what Koksijde is known about she powered her way up and down , running where you need whit her style and on the bike when to do. In the last 1.5 lap she needed to let go off the 14 place she was riding on , finally ended her race on the 19 th place.

In the talk after the race Jessica told me she was happy with the race while she did well but not happy she needed to let places in the race go at the almost last lap. A little improvement on a course that is not covered in sticky muddy sections she can use the legs to get a high speed on the race to cover her nice place in the race. There is a lot more for Jessica to come and a copple off WC races are probably more build for Jessice’s style off riding.

For now is a result within the first 20 in a Worldcup race a nice result for her and the focus on better race’s is already.

Jan v Dijk