Mical Dijck : Canadian woman cyclist schredding her Belgian trip this year.

Mical Dijck : Canadian woman cyclist schredding her Belgian trip this year.


Mical , from Canada that has noc cyclecross history is the way we experience that over in Belgium and Holland. Funding a trip that will take 2.5 months , make sure a sponsor is going to do it together with you , that’s a lott off effort for the CX sport as it is right now in Canada , respect urned for her efforts to make it bigger over in Canada. Mical who became 12 at the last Worlds in Tabor is currently doing a Belgian trip that started at the WC Namur , after that the WC in Zolder and so on to the race’s that matter in Belgium. Mical is gaining strength and places in the Womans peloton and for now she is getting stronger and stronger on a trainings camp in Spain. Directly after that trainings camp she moved up to the WC Race at Lignierre  and a week later for the WC at Hoogerheide. In 2 weeks Mical is representing Canada for the second time at the Worlds and she told Offroadbiking.eu that she is pretty psyched up and getting a little nervous now.

The Worlds take place at the Circuit off Zolder in Belgium and its gonna be an epic one . 12 th at the Worlds in Tabor that’s the place to beet and if she is doing better , its gonna make my year. The competition is hard at the Womans categorie and the top in Womans CX racing is getting wider and better every year with younger girls that are willing to do everything for CX racing. Offcourse whe had some questions for Mical and she took the time to answer while she was in Spain and I behind the computer in a dark and cold Netherlands.


1 , Mical How did your trip to Europe go so far ?

Mical , I think I’m ready for the next set of races. I’ve done some good training in Spain….though I’m going to be sad to leave the sun.

2 ,The next race is the WC in Ligniere , how are your expectations.

Mical , I’m honestly not too sure. I’ve watched a little video of the race there and I think it’s going tobe muddy , and I am hoping for a top 20.

3 ,Hoogerheide is the next WC race , you race’d it last year and how are your memories about it from the last years race.

Mical , Lots of mud!!!!! Haha that’s a hard course, we do get to ride mud like that often.

4 , After Hoogerheide , the worlds at Zolder , are you allready getting a bit nervous or is it just the benefit off your hard work to get there and enjoy it.

Mical , Getting nervous for sure. I really like that course though and at the test event at the WC during Xmas I enjoyed it very much.

5 , It’s a very nice course at Zolder , ready to schred it ? since it is your favorite one to ride.

Mical , Really ready!!!  I’m so excited to ride there again….fingers crossed I don’t flat again! And ride it to the limit.

6 , Hoping for a better result as Tabor Mical , is that the question or not ?

Mical , Always hoping for a better result  , I’ve had a great trip so far. I’ve learned so much about racing here over the kerstperiod.

Mical , always that smile on her face to make sure people see that she love’s CX racing , we are ready to see Mical perform at the Worlds in Zolder and maybe we catch up with her at the WC Hoogerheide.

Jan v Dijk