Solid performance from the American riders at WC Zolder

Solid performance from the American riders at WC Zolder

Two more WC races to go! Races where everyone with ambition stands on the startline. Races where the competition is almost as high as the worlds in little over a month. American riders showed there faces and are ready to go for the best places at the women and junior races.

Jeremy Powers was riding with the spirit again. We spoke Jeremy in Namur and he was getting better in shape to handle the European race’s again, At the Valkenburg and Woerden races earlier in the season form decided not to go with Jeremy and that was a disappointment for him. Before the race at Namur he was feeling good and acted happy like always and that’s a sign he is getting better. Race result in Namur didn’t show that but after the race he was satisfied whit the performance and happy to look forward to Zolder. In the 30 ties at Namur, Zolder was better for Jeremy and he became 16 again. Nice and solid race where the speed was very very high and you need to perform on the best possible way to even get a place at 16. Form is going up again and we are looking forward to see the old fighting spirit back and perform whit the best CX racers on the planet again. Jeremy Powers is back at the Worlds in Zolder by the end off January.

Katie Compton , she was already happy and ready for the podium at the Namur Race but missed it by an inch or so ? Zolder is more her thing and Katie showed us what she is capable off in the last 2 months off the season. From the thirth lap on Katie was in a fight whit Sanne Cant and on and off on the head of the race. Just a little peace of topform is missing for Katie and when she has that she is off for a fantastic worlds in a month. The course in Zolder at the WC is the same as the worlds so for Katie Compton is it a big game to find out where she is strong and what part off the course needs some fine tuning for her. The steep climb whit a bike hanging on your shoulder and the steep hard climb on the bike is just to early and Sanne Cant did it there to get away from Katie and she won the race on that particular parts off the course. Katie became second but her smile and hand told the story off a very happy Katie Compton who is on track for the Worlds.

Owen Logan in the under 23 category had a hated zero at the WC in Zolder , in the lead group whit 8 riders he found himself on a dreamed position to make a very good result and a great impression. It was a crash from another rider that took Owen out off the race today and he was feeling very sad that it happened. With great legs and a good feeling in the leading group off 8 and than a crash on somebody else in a steep descent. I had better days , never the less the feeling is great and off to the Diegem race tomorrow where I can get some better things than today.

Spencer Petrov and Gage Hecht , 2 junior men with the capacity to grow to great racers in the CX world. Gage and Spencer , 2 buddies who fight in the race to become the best American and it’s a battle for the best. Last week in Namur Spencer became 4 th and Gage became 6 th what are very nice results. Never the less the 2 are on the way for a podium and that’s what counts. At the race in Zolder Gage was the better one and he ended way ahead off Spencer this time. Spencer became 11 th on the race but for sure its not the result he was looking for. The competition at the Juniors category is hard and tough and a little less nice day and you find yourself way back in the field. Spencer and gage are going for some nice results at the Super prestige at Diegem and why not , I see one of the 2 on the podium.

Jan v Dijk

Foto: Erik Braeken