Danish XCO rider Sebastian Fini Carstensen , new talent for CST – Superior Brentjens MTB team

Danish XCO rider Sebastian Fini Carstensen , new talent for CST – Superior Brentjens MTB team

Bart Brentjens and his mountainbike team CST-Superior bikes discovered a new talent from Denmark and decided to invite him to ride for the team for the next years. Sebastian Fini Carstensen is a former Junior Worldcup winner from Hafjell in 2013 and 2 times Danish champion XCO Elite for 2014 and 2015. Sebastian already agreed on a little interview because we and the fans from mountainbiking in Europe are in to learn to know Sebastian a little bit better and what better to do than give an interview to a website with a Dutch touch when you start riding for a Dutch owned mountainbike team. We are excited to learn who Sebastian is and what his plans are for the next years at the Brentjens team.
We already had 5 burning questions and he answered them in a very nice way to us. Hope to meet Sebastian soon in person so we can make a copple of nice pictures from him in the CST-Superior team clothing.
1: It sounds like the CST-Superior team is a big improvement for you Sebastian , how do you think about that ?
Sebastian : Yes, Betch.nl-Superior team is a big improvement for me, I have been racing for getting a good contract and now I have found a good team for the future. I really look forward to start the next season and to meet all of the members on the team.

2: Did you allready discuss your goals with the team?
Sebastian : Yes we have discussed a little bit, and for next season my goal is to be a consistent U23 rider and top 10 overall in worldcup. I want to show that I am good all the year and my focus will be woldcups, Nationals, Europeans and Worlds.

3: Are you in for an Olympic nomination for Rio ?
Sebastian : Hmmm, yes I am. But Denmark has to qualify a men elite rider first, but we are working for that also.

4: What was your biggest achievement so far Sebastian ?
Sebastian : My biggest achievements in my 6 years career is my world cup win in Hafjell 2013 in junior and my national titles in 2014 and 2015 in men elite XCO.

5: How do you think that the other riders of the team can help you in your career next year?
Sebastian : I am sure that everybody in the team can learn me something in the next years, for sure. I think the riders on the team is a little bit more experienced than be, and I think they have something to learn me from that.

Sebastian , thanks for answering the questions and we hope you have a lot of success with this team.
Jan v Dijk

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