Tabor , is for a copple of woman not what it supposed to be

Tabor , is for a copple of woman not what it supposed to be

World championships Tabor woman.


Hard an icy , slippery course , just add a little bit off snow and all the ingredients for a nice CX race at the Woman worlds at Tabor and a full race off unexpected surprises.

Eva Lechner the first surprise at the start , 3 th corner and she was flat on her face when she suddenly slipped away and fall to the ground , in that fall she took with her another woman who had a big chance for a very good result today Sabrina Stultiëns , Eva took herself out of the race with her unfortunate fall and needed to run half a lap to get another bike , after that Eva put the fastest time on the clock for the womans race, believe me without that the race was even more exciting than it already was.

From off the beginning of the race the French riders were dominating the race with Lucie Chainel Lefevre and Pauliene ferrand-Prevot , shake the tree to get off the other girls that were hanging on in the race , Katerina Nash who survived numerous falls during the race , Marianne Vos who was happy about the fact that shoe could race whitout holding back and has given all she had today. Ellen v Loy , Nikki Harris and Sanne Cant who are following in the race and trying to keep up front in the race.

After a copple off laps the race finally came in its definit line up with Sanne Cant and Pauliene ferrand Prevot who took the lead together just a copple of seconds ahead off Marianne Vos and Katerina Nash. The last lap which became a direct duel between Sanne Cant and Pauliene Ferrand-Prevot followed by some seconds true Marianne Vos , this was the podium after the race and a very happy Pauliene ferrand-Prevot who won the sprint from Sanne Cant who was very very disappointed and Marianne Vos who give it her best today was happy with her 3 place at the podium.

Canadian rider Mical Dyck who pleased her fans with a very very nice and clean race and who surprised a lott off people over in Canada was so happy with her 13 place in the race that she couldn’t stop laughing an smiling from ear to ear about her race, Mical was really excited before the race and knew there were some nice results possible because first time ever in Europe brought her a 23 place at Hoogerheide. Hopefully Mical finds a sponsor to get her over to Europe next spring-winter season to compeed on a regular base with all the best riders in the world. She has the talent to do so and for all that matters she is welcome over here.

Tjech rider Karla Stepanova who was in superb condition had a copple of bad falls on the very slippery course and finished eventually on the 43 th place what is way beyond her capacities , Katerina Nash with her 5 th place was best placed Tjech rider and offcourse would have liked to do better than she did , 16 place for Martina Mikulaskova and Pavla Havlikova who took 21 first place and Nilola Noskova took the 36 place at the race.

British Rider Hannah Payton was I bit disappointed about her race because she had a copple off little slips that kept her from seeking connection with the riders she normaly keeps up with. Nikki Harris with her 4 th palce and Helen Wyman she became 7 th in the race , Helen who also took the early lead to be sure she stays out off trubble the first lap and she was pleased to ride her own race with her 7 place as a result , Amira Mellor 28 who became 3 th British rider and pleased with her result today.

After the race I heard from a copple off girls that they were pleased that the season is over because it was a long and hard season for the woman also.

Jan v Dijk