German champion Jessica Lambracht 5 th at EK Huijbergen

German champion Jessica Lambracht 5 th at EK Huijbergen

German champion Jessica Lambracht from Stevens Racing ran 5 th place at the European championships at Huijbergen last Saturday. Jessica didn’t came with very high expectations but placed herself somewhere around the 10 place and she would be happy. at the other hand placed Jessica somewhere around the 5 th place in the race and Jessica was very very pleased se could take that 5 th place at the finish.
In the start she just couldn’t find the first girls to compeed with and she became 10 after the first climb at the Nootjesberg , half a lap further see already looked at a 7 the place where she stayed for a copple off laps and in the last lap and a half she steady climbed up to a 5 place in the race. In a very nice style she rode her bike further and further up the field off strong under 23 woman in Europe. In a field of the best woman under 23 from Europe there were Belgium rider Femke v d Driesche who became Champion of Europe and won the famous Koppenberg race last week. Maud Kaptheijns the Dutch rider in second place is strong growing in this season. 3 place for Alice Maria Arzuffi and 4 place for Tjech rider Jana Czeczinkarova.

Jessica Lambrecht(portret)
So German Champion Jessica Lambracht is in very good company with the best riders of Europe and made quit and impression during the race. With her power looking style on the flat peaces in the course she had some nice advantages on the speed parts like the finish street. Like a sculpture on the bike is how i describe Jessica’s style and she powered her way up to 5 place with it. After the race we had a short interview with Jessica and I already had a little talk before the race. Relaxed looking she told us that she didn’t had the best recon the day before and that’s the reason why she placed herself on the 10 place and would be happy. After the race we had a very different talk and Jessica was very pleased she became 5 th in the race and had the podium in sight the whole race. Her smile told the story off the race and that was a nice story , surprised about herself.

Jessica Lambrecht(bus)
In 2-3 years maybe she is with improvements on her tech skills one off the big guns in Womans Cycle cross in Europe and could go for the under 23 title , she for sure is in possession of the talents needed for Cycle cross racing. Maybe a pro contract could help her while she is still an amateur who needs to go to her job in a bikeshop ( respect for her and a lott off other woman in cycling ). Next big race coming up is the WC at the mythic sand off Koksijde in Belgium and we meet again there to see how happy she is to race the biggest race’s.

Jessica Lambrecht(afdalend bis)

You can also look at our Facebook page. Jan had an interview with her in german language after the race in Huijbergen.

Jan v Dijk