Top in Womans Cyclo cross is getting wider

Top in Womans Cyclo cross is getting wider


No such thing as only 3 woman are in chance of the world title. Last weekend at the worldcup in Namur there were another 3 woman who are making the race and again the top is wider spread than for the last 3-5 years.

Christine Majerus from Luxemburg opened the race and took it for a real hard one at the first lap , after that she blew up but never the less she showed people what she is up to. Than Nikki Harris took over Eva lechner was in the lead for one lap , and it was a hard one , Nikki had her day at the Namur race and a eventually she took the win after a nice and long solo. Katie Compton was in the race and showed her powers while she is not a specific climber for the Namur course. Than there was Caroline Manni , she wasn’t there at the first 2 laps but she paced her way down to the top positions in the race and it was visible that Caroline put a lot off effort in her race. Eventually Caroline took second place and give a nice welcome card for the worlds at Zolder and the Nationals in France.

Italian Eva Lechner , as from the first lap she was chasing Christine Majerus and took over the lead after the first lap but one lap later she had to give it off to Nikki Harris , Eva Lechner is not yet in a superb condition while she had a long resting period but she is gaining strength every week now. Eva is for me one off the top candidates for the win at Zolder. Ellen v Loy , wow she is riding like hell at the moment and she became 4 th what is giving her the strength and moral to go for the pot off gold at Zolder. Jolien Verschueren , she had her start that really wasn’t that good as always , its hard to say but Jolien looses to much in the beginning off every race and therefore she is always putting efforts in to get in front off the race. To bad for Jolien but when she is in for a good start. don’t count her out.

Than there is a big question mark for Sanne Cant , the Schelde cross she won in a way that you say WOW she is on the right track for the title in her worlds at Zolder , and the next day she is not even close to the podium. Insiders know that Sanne isn’t a climber at all but it showed to much at Namur. Probably that her illness from the week before is taking it away , Zolder is another point also for Sanne and hopefully its her race again. Helen Wyman was very strong in the first lap but after that one she lost it all because off a bad day. Sure Helen is one for the podium on a strong day at Zolder or the worlds. Kaitlinn Antonneau , she is in the race but not like at the Valkenburg race early in the season , there is more than a month to go and she is there when she needs to be there.

Sabrina Stultiens the Dutch from Giant-Plantur is stepped in 2 weeks ago and she needs to get back here speed and she needs to get her skills back and train some more. At the next race in Zolder she is there and count her in for the worlds at Zolder.

So , the next copple off weeks are crucial for the Woman , is my condition and form right , sharpen avery thing in our race to the Nationals and the worlds in Januari. The most important month and for the public its gonna be a very nice hard and thrilling race at the worlds in Zolder. All these woman are in it to win it and the efforts they are putting in are gonna be payed off or the race is gonna give them nothing while the only place that counts is be the best and that’s the number 1.


Jan v Dijk