Elle Anderson is back on track

Elle Anderson is back on track



American rider Elle Anderson is back in Europe after a very disappointing last year of CX racing. We had a little talk with Elle after her race in Belgium that she rode only a copple of days after she is back in Europe again.

Elle who was very disappointed after last season went back to America to think things over and decide what to do , a copple of months off the bike helped her to grab herself together and put her shoulders under cycling again. That were a copple off bad months she told offroadbiking and she is very glad to return back in Europe to race again. In America the results already came in the race’s after hard working and training again , feeling good is also  all about riding CX race’s and over in Europe it is to try and find the nice flow again this season.

In the clothing from USA Cycling she really rocked in the first race she rode at the Zilvermeercross in Mol this Saturday the 12 of December , the first race in Europe is at the silvery like sand at the Zilvermeer estate in Mol and from the beginning of the race Elle was pushing very hard to try and get away from the pack. The first 2 laps she was better than the competition but then she slowly faded away to place 5-6 in the race. Strong performance from Elle and she was in a position she likes to be in the race , hurting herself and the competition to get better for the next race.

I was really surprised to see her performance again on European soil and after the race we had a little chat and interview whit Elle. Glad to see her back and glad to see her give a really hard competition to the small world elite in womans CX racing that raced at the Zilvermeer cross in Mol. It’s a very nice sight to see the Womans CX riding getting wider and wider spread whit better woman from other country’s that know how to ride a CX bike. I really see an American Woman at the podium during the worlds but don’t know which one to choose now. For now Elle is in good shape and trying to get better over a copple of Super prestige and Worldcup races. We see you again Elle and for now , good luck and go go go!!


Jan v Dijk   Offroadbiking.eu